Salix arbuscula    Zone 5
Mountain Willow. Dwarf, deciduous shrub; gentle weeping appearance when grafted on a standard. Tiny, glossy green leaves on red-tinged yellow branches. Small silvery catkins in Spring. Grows to 1m wide.
Salix caprea Curly Locks    Zone 5     
Contorted Pussy Willow. Grafted on a standard. Irregular mounding shrub. Branches twist and turn in every direction with white catkins and curled green leaves. Grows to 1.5m high and wide in 10 years.
Salix caprea Pendula    Zone 3      
Weeping Pussy Willow.  Grafted on a standard producing a dense umbrella of pendulous branches.  Large silky soft catkins appear in early Spring followed by small green leaves.  Growth size depends on culture.
Salix helvetica    Zone 5
Swiss Willow. Dwarf shrub with golden buds producing narrow silver catkins in Spring. Small, oval, gray-green leaves have silvery down underneath. Grows to 60cm high and 40cm wide.

Salix helvetica

Salix hylematica    Zone 4
Creeping Alpine Willow. Very low groundcover. Spring catkins are magenta red set off by the tiny bright green leaves. Grows to 5cm high and spreads to 60 cm. Often grafted as a standard for a cascading effect.

Salix integra Hakura Nishiki    Zone 5 
Dappled Willow. Broad globose shrub, grafted on a standard. Dense branching with pink new shoots, white and green variegated foliage. Prune in late Winter for brighter growth. Grows to 2m high and wide.

Salix integra ‘Hakura Nishiki’

Salix nakamurana var. Yezoalpina    Zone 4
Creeping Alpine Willow. Dense, vigorous mat-forming shrub. Leaves are bright green and are covered in soft white hairs when young, turning golden yellow in the Fall. Grows to 60cm high and 3m wide in 10 years.
Salix repens Boyds Pendula    Zone 4               
Creeping Alpine Willow. Dense shrub, grafted on a standard, with pendulous branches. Small silver catkins appear in early Spring. Small, rounded, gray-green leaves. Growth size depends on culture.
Salix repens Iona    Zone 4      
Iona Creeping Willow. When grafted on a standard this low groundcover turns into an attractive weeping shrub with deep red branches covered in silver catkins in Spring, followed by a flush of gray-green leaves.

Salix repens ‘Iona’